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Authentic and Refreshing.

High Quality Tissue Paper Roll at most Competitive pricing

2 ply toilet paper

Hypoallergenic and can be used for dermatological usage

Safe for septic and sewer systems

We maintain Overall Quality by following 4 attributes
*Safe to Flush


We can customize it with your specific patterns and logos on MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) basis.

We can also get you this product in some other color (other than white). Please let us know if this interests you.

We bring the outstanding quality and feel

Soft, thick, absorbent, disposable kitchen paper towel.

We can make Bleached and Unbleached Paper Towel for you.

These are 2 Ply towels for maximum absorption and soak

Paper Towels are ideal for Kitchen & household cleaning, food preparation,

pet care, outdoor cleaning or any other on-the-go cleaning you might need

Soft and Fluffy.

Strong and soft.

Our Paper Bed Rolls are hygienic, multipurpose, disposable, tissue-based bed cover.

These rolls are essentially thick, absorbent paper bed cover sheet used in roll form

and provide an amazing solution for germfree and clean bedding.

It is a wonderful product designed for hygiene, cleaning and

protection purposes for hospitals, clinics, massage parlors, dental offices and any such usage.

Crafted this product without compromising its softness and usability and strength.

We offer 2 ply to 4 ply options for you.

It is designed to minimize maintenance since the big rolls

help keep even busy bathrooms running smoothly.

These large toilet paper rolls are compatible with high-capacity side-by-side dispensers.

Quality product for Commercial and Industrial Toilets

Highly absorbent and soft

Industrial Roll (HRT)

Hard Tissue Paper is disposable, which has high absorbency rate and is widely used

for facial tissue and paper napkins.

These tissues have excellent finish. Skin friendly. Soft in touch.

These tissue papers are made from either recycled pulp or virgin pulp

Reduce maintenance time, runouts and complaints with long-lasting

bulk paper towels (as compared to a folded towel system).

Compatible with many Kimberly-Clark Professional hard roll paper towel dispensers,

towels are not perforated.
Highly absorbent commercial paper towels, let you and your guests use less and waste less.

Paper towels come in space-saving cases for easy storage and handling.
This product was made from wood that came from a certified managed forest.

Quality meets economical absorbency in our center pull paper towels.
Sustainable and cost-effective solution
100% recycled fiber
Soft and highly absorbent
Perforated roll for one-at-a-time dispensing

Suitable for small facility and production floor to high-traffic public venues.

Soft, comfortable and breathable.

Take Away Paper Bag

Paper Bags