Human Rights Policy

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Ultra Comfe is committed to maintaining a living and working environment which actively
promotes and supports human rights.
 All members of our community (employees, tenants,
contractors, vendors, and investors) deserve to be treated fairly and equitably, be able to
contribute fully, and have access to equal opportunities.

Harassment and discrimination are unacceptable practices and are incompatible with the
standards of our organization, as well as being a violation of the law. We take complaints and
claims very seriously and, if one is proven, disciplinary measures will be applied up to and
including termination of employment or tenancy.

Guiding Principles

  • Everyone associated with Ultra Comfe has the right to live or work in and environment free of discrimination and harassment.

  • Managers and supervisors must foster an environment respectful of human rights and should address potential problems before they become serious.

  • Everyone associated has the responsibility to support human rights and equality.

  • We will provide services to assist staff, tenants, investors, and anyone else who is a part of our community seeking human rights protection.

  • We will ensure everyone associated with our organization receives ongoing education on human rights.

  • The ultimate responsibility for a healthy and inclusive work environment rests with Square Ex-Im.

Our Human Rights policy applies at every level of the organization and to every aspect of the
workplace environment and employment relationship, including recruitment, selection,
promotion, transfers, training, salaries, benefits, and termination. It also covers rates of pay,
overtime, hours of work, holidays, shift